Effective Coating of Polished Plastering

Effective Coating of Polished Plastering

It must be remembered that this coating is perfectly combined with other types of materials, so it allows you to create complex images.

Plastering bathroom

When faced with plaster in bathroom preference, a uniform glossy finish should be given. The marble surface will decorate the room in a classic style, and the wet silk will create a beautiful iridescent finish. The surface of a complex structure can accumulate moisture, so there is a risk of fungi and fungi. It is also useful to apply an additional layer of enamel, which increases the moisture resistance of the coating. The protective layer will greatly simplify the care of the surface. You can check this website for the right process of polished plastering.

  • Do not use relief in decorating a small room. But a smooth light surface can visually enlarge a small room.
  • Designers advise giving preference to white plaster when finishing the bathroom and the toilet.

The decoration of the corridor with polished plaster will revive the apartment. The coating goes well with porcelain stoneware, so they can cover the entrance area. To avoid rapid contamination of this area, it is preferable to use materials from a dark palette. 

  • An interesting combination of plaster and clinker tiles.


This coating has a wide color palette and many shades that allow you to bring virtually any design decision to life. Since the coloring pigments are added to the composition during the kneading process, the color intensity of the future coating depends on the customer’s wishes. Plaster without impurities white and translucent. But such a material requires careful treatment of the base surface, so it is more convenient to paint the plaster.

  • “polished” well mimics the surface of noble stones of natural origin, so it often asks for light colors with a predominance of some pigments. Gray, green or yellow-brown plaster is widely used to face the walls of the living room. Light yellow tones help to create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony.

For lovers of extravagant interiors and complex solutions, there is a black varnish.But this cover is recommended for use only in spacious rooms. A very interesting solution would be to use a black finish with light transitions or divorces. Golden grid of cracks will make the interior truly unique.

To improve the effect, the designers recommend adding a gold covering with decoration of appropriate materials: candlesticks and golden frames will make the room luxurious.The tricolor coating is not used frequently due to the greater complexity of the application. However, you should not avoid the design of walls with modulations and difficult transition. This decoration is suitable for the design of a room or nursery.

It is important to remember that the colors must be in harmony and not interrupt each other. You can complete the image of a bright room with the help of shiny fabrics or elements of furniture.


Despite the abundance of colors and textures of polished plaster, the sales leaders are still natural colors and stylization of natural material. The ecological style is gaining more and more popularity: designers use decorative plaster even for decorating rooms in Scandinavian motifs. Mixtures of neutral colors become real favorites on the market.


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